We are proud to introduce the best Taekwondo trainers in the field.
Our team helps our students learn by guiding them thoroughly, giving themselves chances to discover their talents on their own.

Why You Should Join the Club?

Do you want to experience the fun and excitement in learning Taekwondo? Then let us tell you why Sydney Taekwondo Academy is the perfect fit for you.

Our instructors are guaranteed experts in the field. They have years of experience behind them, along with remarkable achievements.
We give value to how our students learn. We are here to assist you in your journey and ensure its development.
Create bonds as you grow your social circle with people sharing the same passion.
We believe that learning never stops. That is why we always strive to encourage students to improve themselves.
For parents, there is no need for you to worry. We promote a safe learning environment, along with the proper use of training equipment.


Our Team is composed of expert and well-trained taekwondo masters and is lead by our professional Taekwondo Grand Master Sam Guner.

Here are the achievements and accomplishments gained by our Grand Master.

2013 Kukkiwon Member
2013 Australian Martial Arts Training College Pty Ltd Director
2013 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
2012 Sports Taekwondo Australia NSW Team Coach
2011 Oceania Taekwondo Union Coach, Class: N
2011 Oceania Taekwondo Union Referee, Class: N3
2007 Taekwondo Australia Poomsae Judge
2006 Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer
2006 NSW Vocational Education and Training Advanced First Aid Response
2006 Federation Internationalle Des Sports Aerobics and Fitness Gym Instructor
2006 Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate IV in Fitness
2006 Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate III in Fitness
2000 The World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon Kukkiwon Training
1999 The World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon Kukkiwon Training
1999 National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Level 1 Coach
1998 Taekwondo Federation Turkey Contributed to Success of the 2nd World Junior Taekwondo Championships

As we vow to deliver consistent high quality education, here’s what you can expect from our team:


Our team dedicates their time to making sure the students will receive quality education.


Learning transcends to the students in a physical, mental and emotional manner.

Thinking outside the Box

We encourage students to come up with new ideas and to develop a wider perspective.


We make sure that feedbacks are regularly given to ensure their improvement is guided and monitored. This can be done either informally or formally through evaluation.

Lively and Enthusiastic

Dull moments are not allowed in our club. To be able to motivate our students, the instructors train in an enthusiastic and lively manner.

It is our duty to make your Taekwondo learning experience an unforgettable one.
With our team’s dedication, you can be rest assured that everything will be worth it. After all, your education is our passion.